the real ebay scammer: fashion-watch-led

3 month ago i buy’d a new 16Gb USB key from this e-bay seller:

I’m too careless, and after, i received the package, wroting a very good feedback.

After 2 weeks age, i tried a USB key, and experienced, that the USB key first 5-6 Gb useable, the rest is not!

So, i wrote to the seller, they write back, and she/he asserted, that she/he send back to me the half of the paided amount.

After Christmas, i wrote again the seller, but she/he purposely delayed the response. After 2 message, i opened a case in ebay, but i realized that the e-bay buyer protection ended!

Dear fashion-watch-led, i hope, you use the money to buy some drugs for your deadly disease! 😛

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