How to change the language of i-USB-Storer?

Hey Dude!

You downloaded the i-USB-Storer (author yuyu Cheng), and the software language was Chinese. Are you annoying? Here’s the solution.

Why Chninese?

When the app start, it checks the operating system language. If the OS language know for it, it will appear in that language.
If it doesn’t know the language (mine is Hungarian), it use the default language: Chinese.

How to change the i-USB-Storer language?



We nedd to change the operating system language!
1. First find the Settings icon, and push it.
2. Find the General menu item, and click to it.
3. Find the Language and region menu item, and click to it.
4. Click to New language…
5. Select English or English (UK), then the Done.
6. If the OS ask you that You want to change the OS language to the new, say Retain the original

Now you have two language, the native and the English. If You start the i-USB-Storer, it show English captions!

How to change i-USB-Storer language.










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