Juhúú! Megérkezett a válasz! Ebben az évben az első malware bejelentésem. 🙂
Dear customer,
Thank you for using CA Security Advisor.
This is to notify you of the results of your submission, issue number
1670802. Please keep this issue number for future reference.
With regards to the file “pic9497260794686110-jpg-facebook.exe”
submitted by you on 14 Jan 01:14:35 (Australian Eastern Standard Time),
we have added detection for Win32/CInject.IX to the signature files.
The Windows PE (I386,EXE) file “pic9497260794686110-jpg-facebook.exe”
has been determined to be malicious. The file has been identified as
Win32/CInject.IX trojan.
Aliases reported by other AV products are listed here :
(Win32/CInject.IX) (Trojan.Win32.Pakes.oku)
CA products address this malware as follows:
CA Anti-Virus
Engine                Update version        Last Update
36.1.0                36.1.8106             18 Jan
Please check for the latest signature updates.

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